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1. Click the Add to cart button. (Sample book page)
Add to cart

2. Check the shopping cart list.

3. Click the Proceed to checkout button.
Proceed to checkout

4. Complete the sign-in screen (won't appear if you're already signed in). Enter your E-mail address, and select first-time or existing customer (also enter password).

5. Click the Sign in button.
Sign in
If you're a new user, complete the password screen, and click the Continue button.

6. Complete the shipping address screen. Click "International Address" for outside Japan, and (wonders!) this bit of the form is in English. (The example shows the Japanese entry, but if you're in Japan, you can presumably get help with it.)

7. Click the Continue button.
If you've been here before, click the Use this address button. Use this address

8. Select the delivery method. (This is a bit fiddly, and the options might be subject to change, but you will be able to check the total shipping cost before committing yourself.)

9. Click the Continue button.

10. Enter the payment details. Credit card is the only real option: select the type, and enter number, expiry date, and name on the card. Or select existing card details.

11. Click the Continue button.

12. Now the billing address should be the same: simply click the Use this address button.
Use this address

13. Getting there! Check the confirmation screen.

14. If everything is OK, click the Confirm order button.
Confirm order

15. You should now get the "Order received" thank you page, and will shortly receive a confirmation E-mail.
Thank you! ----

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