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Blog entry for January 2011

January 2011: Using the forum to make regular "blog" posts doesn't seem to have happened, so I'll return the chit-chat here. Last year was another of struggling with the ever-rising yen, and one effect of this was that the supply of new puzzles stagnated. We are now catching up, and when I have added the current pending pile we'll have over 1000 puzzles in stock. So please keep watching!

In addition to new images, old images in new sizes, and some discontinued puzzles returning, there are many new formats: Yanoman 2014 tiny pieces, new Epoch sizes, including 750 pieces, 420 panoramas, (both small pieces), and some challenging variants: double-sided 2016 puzzles, combination 1500+400 puzzles, and so on. I plan to take on some of these in the near future, and I'll post my own photos and comments on them.