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Increases in EMS shipping costs

Blog entry for May 2016

We have had a notification from the Post Office that some rates will rise on 1st June. (This is the first time for such a change since we started operating 14 years ago!)

(7th June) I have updated the EMS charges, which are the only changes to affect checkout calculations. The minimum weight step has been raised from 300g to 500g, and then there is a flat increase per package of 300–500 yen (depending on zone). This is a big increase for a single (very) small puzzle, but for larger orders EMS is still a very good deal: it's fast and tracked, and we can pack everything in a single carton. (For SAL and Airmail "small packet" rates, we have to split into packages not over 2kg, equivalent to two 1000-piece puzzles.)