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Maps discontinued

January 2012 Almost all of the original folded maps have now gone, and no more will be available.

Unfolded maps We still have poster versions of the maps of Japan and of the World in Japanese.

Please note there are separate boxes below for ordering the folded maps (as shown in the photographs) and the unfolded poster versions which we send rolled in a cardboard tube. It is not possible to send combinations of folded and rolled maps in a single package.

Poster maps

Please note: All maps are in Japanese!

Standard combination of one Japan map and one World-in-Japanese map, price 1200 yen, including "SAL" economy airmail to anywhere in the world: click to proceed to payment page ...

For other combinations please use the "Enquiry" form at the bottom.

Credit cardseChecks
We accept payments by major credit card,
eCheck in the US, and bank transfers in many countries.

Folded maps

The following list shows the few folded maps we still have available, marked In stock. If you want any of these, please send a message with the form below. (The maps cost 300 yen each, plus a handling charge of 300 yen per order. This includes "SAL" economy airmail to anywhere in the world - for other options, please ask.)

* 1: World in Japanese
* 2: All Japan (key)

Region maps
* 3: Hokkaido (key)
* 4: Tohoku (key)
* 5: Kanto (key)
* 6: Chubu (key)
* 7: Kinki (key)
* 8: Chugoku (key)
* 9: Shikoku (key)
* 10: Kyushu (key)

* 11: Tokyo city area
* 12: Nagoya city area
* 13: Osaka city area

Prefecture maps (north to south)
* 14: Hokkaido
In stock 15: Aomori
In stock 16: Iwate
In stock 17: Miyagi
In stock 18: Akita
In stock 19: Yamagata
In stock 20: Fukushima
* 21: Ibaraki
In stock 22: Tochigi
* 23: Gunma
* 24: Saitama
* 25: Chiba
* 26: Tokyo
* 27: Kanagawa
In stock 28: Niigata
* 29: Toyama
* 30: Ishikawa
* 31: Fukui
* 32: Yamanashi
In stock 33: Nagano
In stock 34: Gifu
* 35: Shizuoka
* 36: Aichi
* 37: Mie
* 38: Shiga
* 39: Kyoto
* 40: Osaka
* 41: Hyogo
* 42: Nara
* 43: Wakayama
* 44: Tottori
* 45: Shimane
* 46: Okayama
* 47: Hiroshima
* 48: Yamaguchi
* 49: Tokushima
* 50: Kagawa
* 51: Ehime
* 52: Kochi
* 53: Fukuoka
* 54: Saga
* 55: Nagasaki
* 56: Kumamoto
* 57: Oita
* 58: Miyazaki
* 59: Kagoshima
* 60: Okinawa

* Sorry, these maps are no longer available.

Please note: All maps are in Japanese!

Enquiry form

If there are any complications, such as more than one copy of a single map, or if you just want to ask about ordering, please complete the following form.

You must write something in the 'Message' box; otherwise all fields are optional, but the more information you give, the more likely it is that I'll be able to help.


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