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Pathway, Hônen-in
© Mizuno Katsuhiko
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500: Pathway, Hônen-in (Mizuno)

Though subdued in mood, this is a vibrant photograph. It appears to be early summer, and the rain-soaked flagstones emphasise the lush foliage. The wide range of textures will prevent this from being tedious as a puzzle, and it would make a wonderful picture for the wall.

What does the name mean?

Sorry: the gloss is rather mysterious, but after all, it is a personal name.

Born in Kyoto in 1941, Mizuno Katsuhiko earned a degree in literature from Doshisha University in 1964. Since 1969 he has worked as a freelance photographer, in a lifelong quest to capture the essence of Japanese tradition in his native city, and resulting in publication of some one hundred books of his photographs.

Permanently unavailable
An Appleone puzzle: 500 pieces; 38 x 53 cm (15" x 21")
Code: A05175 (500-175 on box)
Retail price ¥1600

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