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Cock and hen at dawn
© Row. V. Ogasawara

1000: Cock and hen at dawn (Ogasawara)

As the morning sun heralds a new day, the cock stands proud over his hen and chicks, surrounded by auspicious symbols — pine and bamboo, with double cherry blossom and yamabuki, the bright yellow shrub known to western gardeners as Kerria.

Few biographical details are available, but Ogasawara has worked as a background artist for anime production, and specialises in animal portraits.

Recent works by this artist all bear the unexplained copyright declaration "Row. V. Ogasawara." Perhaps "Row" is a nickname, but the initial is a mystery, and on earlier puzzles "Row. E. Ogasawara" has also been seen.

Permanently unavailable
An Appleone puzzle: 1000 pieces; 75 x 50 cm (30" x 20")
Code: A10454 (1000-454 on box)
Retail price ¥3600

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