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Lucky white horse
© Ozuma Kaname

2000: Lucky white horse (Kaname)

A most auspicious painting. We have the white winged horse looking rather handsome, and surrounded by the four gods, with a red Fuji in the background. In case you have difficulty counting the four gods, you have to know that one of them, Genbu, often appears as a snake intertwined with a turtle.


The painter Ozuma Kaname was born in 1939, in Niigata. He studied traditional Japanese art, and his pictures are generally based on traditional themes.

Ozuma is his family name: he signs paintings with the single character of his given name only.

Permanently unavailable
An Appleone puzzle: 2000 pieces; 102 x 73 cm (40" x 29")
Code: A20041 (2000-041 on box)
Retail price ¥5800

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