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Dawn Fuji and hawk
© Hiroyuki Suwahara

1000: Dawn Fuji and hawk (Suwahara)

Suwahara gives a vibrant touch to this classic composition - red Mt. Fuji at dawn, as a hawk soars over the sea of clouds.

The hawk is an obvious symbol of strength, but is also associated with good fortune through another piece of wordplay. In Japanese, the same word, tobu, is used both for "leap" and "fly", so the hawk's high flight sounds like a "leap of progress" (to make a gross simplification).

Born in Ibaraki, in 1969, Suwahara embarked on a career as a freeleance illustrator in 1996. He has specialised in historical figures, especially from the Three Kingdoms story, and brings a very modern technique to some traditional themes.

Suwahara is his family name.

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A Beverly puzzle: 1000 pieces; 72 x 49 cm (28" x 19")
Code: B61293 (61-293 on box)
Retail price ¥3000

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