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Lucky Daruma
© Hajime Okamoto

1000: Lucky Daruma (Okamoto)

The popular good-luck doll, the Daruma, with lots of variations in typical Okamoto style, and a row of lucky cats (maneki-neko) for good measure. Although originally said to be based on a Buddhist monk called Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, this character has become a part of popular culture.

Wikipedia article on Daruma

Born in Osaka in 1942, Hajime Okamoto is an artist with a distinctive and very jolly style, who specialises in cats — particularly the beckoning bringers of good fortune.

He signs his paintings with a seal, and a stylised form of his name in Roman letters (with his family name last).

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A Beverly puzzle: 1000 pieces; 72 x 49 cm (28" x 19")
Code: B61334 (61-334 on box)
Retail price ¥3000

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