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Sights of Tokyo
© Naoki Tanaka
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1000: Sights of Tokyo (Tanaka)

Tokyo has its share of landmarks — the historic red-brick station features prominently, and the scene is crowded with other buildings, ancient and modern. Of course there is also Mount Fuji in the distance.

This new (2012) version of the Tokyo puzzle in 1000 full-size pieces is updated to include the latest landmark, Tokyo Sky Tree, which at 634 metres is the second-highest structure in the world.

Born in Tokyo in 1957, Tanaka graduated from Musashino Art University, and has achieved considerable success as an illustrator. His series of omnibus portrayals of famous sights has been widely adopted for use in jigsaw puzzles produced both in Japan and elsewhere: these are lively images, bending perspective at will to capture the essence of a location.

Naoki is his given name.

Permanently unavailable
A Beverly puzzle: 1000 pieces; 72 x 49 cm (28" x 19")
Code: B61351 (61-351 on box)
Retail price ¥3000

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