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© Nansei Sakagami

500: Chrysanthemums (Nansei)

Three blooms of chrysanthemum form a simple but elegant composition...

Born in 1947 in Mie Prefecture, the artist studied traditional Japanese painting techniques at the Tokyo National University of Fine Art, and specialises in classic styles such as screen paintings, while also producing a wide range of other works in oils and other media. He has also server as illustrator for a number of newspaper serialisations.

Sakagami is his family name: he writes his name as Nansei Sakagami on his website. He signs his paintings Nan (the single character, meaning the camphor tree), with a seal of his given name Nansei.

Permanently unavailable
A Beverly puzzle: 500 pieces; 49 x 36 cm (19" x 14")
Code: B65205 (65-205 on box)
Retail price ¥2000

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