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The Starry Night

1000: The Starry Night (van Goch)

One of van Gogh's late masterpieces, The Starry Night was painted in June 1889, and shows the night view from the sanatorium in Arles (southern France) where the artist was staying.

Vincent van Goch, 1853 – 1890, unique Dutch post-Impressionist painter.

* This puzzle has TINY pieces!

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A Beverly puzzle: 1000 pieces; 38 x 26 cm (15" x 10")
Code: BM71862 (M71-862 on box)
Retail price ¥1800 (approx. US$16.98 €14.06 £12.41)
Shipping from ¥600 (N. America, Europe, Australasia: approx. US$5.66 €4.69 £4.14)
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