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Kintai bridge
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1000: Kintai bridge

An image of surreal colours — the pink cherry blossom blending with the pink-purple of dusk as the floodlights being to light the pillars. This bridge is a landmark of western Japan, with both red maples and cherry trees planted alongside, for gorgeous pictures in all seasons. We are told that the name Kintaikyô - or "Brocade sash bridge" - is derived from a resemblance to a kimono sash. This is pretty unconvincing, until you realise that the river under the bridge is Nishikigawa: this Nishiki is the Japanese reading for "brocade", written with the same Chinese character as the Kin in Kintai.

The bridge consists of five wooden arches: at the time it was originally built (1673), wheeled transport was almost unknown in Japan, so presumably it was not worthwhile going to the extra effort of providing a level roadway. It seems unlikely that this design would have been used in Europe at that time.

Permanently unavailable
An Epoch puzzle: 1000 pieces; 75 x 50 cm (30" x 20")
Code: E10721 (10-721 on box)
Retail price ¥2500

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