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Year of the tiger
© Mori Seikaku

1500: Year of the Tiger (Seikaku)

A tiger family, the father fierce-looking, the mother serene, the three cubs frolicking, is surrounded by the usual symbols of good fortune, from the red Mount Fuji in the background to the treasure in the foreground: gold coins, red coral, the mallet of good fortune, and so on. Other omens include the trio of pine, bamboo, and plum blossom, and a pair of faithful cranes.

No biographical details, but the artist Mori Seikaku specialises in animal and flower scroll paintings. He signs his work the traditional way, with the characters for his given (brush) name, Seikaku (lit. 'nest of the crane') and a seal of the same.

* This puzzle has smaller pieces than the standard size.

Permanently unavailable
An Epoch puzzle: 1500 pieces; 75 x 50 cm (30" x 20")
Code: E15066 (15-066 on box)
Retail price ¥3000

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