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© Nakajima Chinami

2016: Yamatakajindai-zakura (Chinami)

A stunning portrayal of a real tree in Yamanashi Prefecture (just north of Mount Fuji) - said to be up to 2000 years old.

Around 90 percent of the area of this puzzle consists of pink blossoms against the abstract background of luxurious gold, so this puzzle will not be easy!

Born in 1945 in Nagano, in the mountains of central Japan, Nakajima Chinami is a successful painter and illustrator.

He signs his paintings with his given (brush?) name Chinami, together with a fanciful seal - perhaps representing his whole name, which could be poetically rendered "Middle-island of the thousand waves."

* This puzzle has smaller pieces than the standard size.

Permanently unavailable
An Epoch puzzle: 2016 pieces; 75 x 50 cm (30" x 20")
Code: E23017 (23-017 on box)
Retail price ¥3000

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