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Kannon rides the dragon
© Sekiguchi Inoichiro

2016: Kannon rides the dragon (Inoichiro)

A very matronly Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy, stands barefoot on the head of an angry-looking dragon, holding her customary rice seedling in her left hand.

Experts in Buddhism tell us that she isn't the Goddess of Mercy after all, and is Avalokitêsvara, who was a man...


No details of this artist are readily available. He signs his paintings with a seal for the first character ('Ino') of his given name only: this means 'wild boar', which might seem surprising, but it is a fairly common element in names.

* This puzzle has smaller pieces than the standard size.

Permanently unavailable
An Epoch puzzle: 2016 pieces; 50 x 75 cm (20" x 30")
Code: E23054 (23-054 on box)
Retail price ¥3000

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