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Quayside cat
© Makoto Muramatsu

300: Quayside cat (Muramatsu)

A very contented-looking Muramatsu cat sits by the sea, just next to a dangling float. Thinking of a bit of fishing?

The artist Muramatsu Makoto was born in 1947, and has earned numerous awards in the world of commercial illustration. His pictures of anthropomorphised animals are cute, but the cuteness is matched by a wry sense of humour. Muramatsu is his family name - he doesn't seem to sign his pictures, so I have copied the version on the box for the copyright statement.

Permanently unavailable
An Artbox puzzle: 300 pieces; 26 x 38 cm (10" x 15")
Code: N03389 (300-389 on box)
Retail price ¥1500

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