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Practically perfect (Mary Poppins)
© Disney

1000: Practically perfect (Mary Poppins) (Ellenshaw)

Mary Poppins, complete with bag and umbrella, passes over the Tower of London. How different is this view of old London, with St. Paul's cathedral dominating the skyline, from the modern city!

Born in England in 1913, Peter Ellenshaw is a successful landscape painter whose work in the film industry spans seven decades. He has lived, and painted, in California, and now Ireland - when already in his eighties he was commissioned to paint scenes from films produced by Disney Studios.

Permanently unavailable
A Tenyo puzzle: 1000 pieces; 74 x 51 cm (29" x 20")
Code: TD10338 (D-1000-338 on box)
Retail price ¥3000

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