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Morning mist on azaleas (Mt. Chokai)
© Chiba Katsutsuke
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300: Morning mist on azaleas (Mt. Chokai)

Wild azaleas (Rhododendron japonicum) in the morning mist - an atmospheric view below Mount Chokai (2236 m) in Northern Japan, a volcano that last erupted in 1974.

A photo by Chiba Katsutuke, taken 6 am, early June.

Technical details: Sinar F whole-plate camera, 75-mm lens, 1/4-second at f/22; Fujichrome Velvia film

Permanently unavailable
A Yanoman puzzle: 300 pieces; 38 x 26 cm (15" x 10")
Code: Y03643 (03-643 on box)
Retail price ¥1400

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