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The Northern Cross
© Kagaya

1000: The Northern Cross (Kagaya)

Kagaya's portrayal of the Northern Cross, one of the stations visited on the fantasy journey in Ginga tetsudô no yoru by Miyazawa Kenji, probably best known in the West from the anime film "Night on the Galactic Railroad." Kagaya's image makes it reminiscent of a Christian cross, but in the story this is the cross-shaped constellation, Cygnus the swan.


Wikipedia article on Miyazawa Kenji, Japan's much-loved poet and author of children's literature

Born in Saitama (just north of Tokyo) in 1968, Kagaya spent his childhood in wonderment of the stars in the sky, and never stopped painting them. He has had a successful career as an illustrator for astronomical books and magazines, and many of his works have been turned into jigsaw puzzles, among other products. Since 1996, he has worked exclusively in the digital medium, using a Macintosh. Perhaps that is why he does not appear to sign his pictures.

He goes by his family name; his given name appears to be Yutaka, but in English you will also find him called Joh Kagaya (Jô is the Chinese reading of his name).

* This is a glow-in-the-dark puzzle.

Permanently unavailable
A Yanoman puzzle: 1000 pieces; 75 x 50 cm (30" x 20")
Code: Y101017 (10-1017 on box)
Retail price ¥3900

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