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Welcome to the Imaginatorium Shop, now in our fifteenth year!

From our base in Japan (here!), we send jigsaw puzzles anywhere in the world. Most of the hundreds of puzzles we have in stock feature oriental themes, but the high quality of Japanese-made puzzles (exquisite printing, really solid card stock, and clean cutting) also makes "reverse imports" highly desirable — puzzles of Peanuts, Disney, and lots of other Western characters popular in Japan. In general, if a puzzle is available in Japan, we can get it for you within a week or so - see the special orders page.

Puzzle of the month for
October 2016


Chocolate fun!

Feature of the month for October: puzzles just for fun

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This month we feature some of the "silly fun" puzzles from Beverly: most of these are not so difficult, but just different. I found the "Eyestrain" the best fun from a 300-piece puzzle for many a year (and you can't use any standard attack...) There's a 20% extra discount of all of these.

(All special offers subject to current stock availability)

Calendar puzzles for 2017

We have the 2017 Disney calendar puzzle in stock now — order quickly, because these are usually out of print almost as soon as they are issued. More calendar puzzles should follow.


2017 — Year of the Cockerel

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Latest additions

New Beverly translucent puzzles: the edge pieces form a frame, and the set includes a plastic stand

Latest Peanuts puzzles: some in new sizes (a 3000-piece at last!), and others reissued in "compact" packages, the puzzle itself absolutely unchanged...

More coming soon!

Latest Beverly "torture" puzzles: tiny and hard...

New puzzles of children's favourite characters: Doraemon, robot from the future, and Rilakkuma, lovable bear character (Tiny piece puzzles are not suitable for very small children.)

Latest One Piece anime puzzles...

And more...


Brian Chandler


This is not the place for political discussion, but surely everyone will have seen the announcement that the UK is to leave the European Union. The immediate effect of this, of course, is that the pound sterling has fallen by 5% or so, making everything imported into the UK more expensive. Unfortunately, this is not all: by a bizarre quirk of the modern "science" of economics, any big event like this, whether notionally "good" or "bad", and in whatever country, means that the yen also goes up. So overall, I'm afraid prices go up by 5-10% just about everywhere. (Did you know that the Japanese national debt is something like 20 years worth of tax revenue, and every year if the government makes a budget to spend 2 squillion yen, it raises 1 squillion in tax, then prints the rest. I wonder how long the current situation will last...?)

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The details under each puzzle show the price, with approximate equivalents in US dollars, euros, and pounds sterling. Click "Buy this puzzle" to go straight to the checkout with a single puzzle, or "Add to basket" to carry on shopping. At the checkout, you can select the shipping method, then choose how you are going to buy the puzzle(s). If you have any questions or problems, just use the forms provided to ask, and we'll get back to you. Once we receive confirmation of a payment, we aim to despatch puzzles by the next working day.

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As you can see in the pile of puzzles on the left, most of the writing on the box is in Japanese, so we also include printed details with each shipment. Click these thumbnails for descriptions...

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