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Covid-19: Shop status

We are accepting orders again, but with very limited shipping options, which we have to handle manually. Please use the checkout form to request puzzles, and we will get back to you when we can. Please see the front page for more details.

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Our new Imaginatorium Shop site at the .com domain is now operating: try this link: New Shop. We are still in the final testing stages, and there may be teething problems, but the main bit of progress is the new checkout: this is operating, so in most cases you can choose the shipping and pay online, without having to ask me for a quote. The shipping options have changed: the SAL economy air rates are all suspended indefinitely, but we have added surface as the new economy option for larger orders. Where EMS is suspended (USA, Australia, in particular), the only fast option is Yamato / UPS, and for this we can never calculate the shipping automatically, so you will still have to ask for a quote.

Eventually all pages on the old site will automatically redirect to the corresponding new page, so you do not have to worry about bookmarks.

Email addresses

Currently our email address is, but this will move progressively to Please make sure you can receive our emails; you may need to fiddle with settings in your mail software to whitelist us.

Ongoing shipping problems

The big problem at present is simply unpredictability; everything varies country to country and case by case. If you are lucky, delivery times may be more or less normal; but sometimes not. The big problem regions are North America and Australia, where only extremely restricted services are operating.

And occasionally things go wrong on a horrendous scale. Mid-July, a customer in Denmark ordered some puzzles by surface. Accepting the need for patience (which sort of comes naturally to most puzzle fans!) this is very economical once you get to 3 or 4 kgs (three or four 1000-piece puzzles). But at the end of November, four and a half months later, there was still no sign of the puzzles, so we requested a Post Office investigation. The tracking system does not show progress while in international transit, so after Kawasaki port, the next event is arrival at the port in the destination country. But the Post Office internally obviously has ways of knowing where each container of packages is.

The head of our local Post Office is very helpful, and phoned me back with the following story.

It appears the package (pallet, container, whatever) was loaded on a ship in Kawasaki in July, and this ship set sail for Vladivostok. But on the way, it had to call somewhere in South Korea, and this is where everything went wrong (and the story gets a bit vague); it couldn't be unloaded, loaded, or docked or undocked, or something. The latest is that it is expected to arrive finally in Vladivostok mid-December. Then trans-Siberian to Moscow and on to Denmark. Normally the train takes about a week to Moscow, but who knows how long it might take now...

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