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COVID19 virus - temporary suspension

April 1st: The Post Office is not accepting packages to 153 coutries; so we have stopped accepting orders for the immediate future. This will change; I have to make the checkout accept only selected countries, which will take a day or so. Please go ahead and browse, and if you want to order puzzles you can send us details on the special form at the checkout. We will keep your order ready for later payment and despatch.

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Fresh start: ninth anniversary

Blog entry for April 2011

A month has passed since the disastrous earthquake and tsunami to the north, and normality is gradually returning. The 15th of April sees the ninth anniversary of opening Imaginatorium Shop, so it's time for a fresh start. We are operating almost normally, except for slight extra delays in getting stock, and our range in stock should now stay firmly above 1000 titles.

Over the next month or so there will be new catalogs from the manufacturers — although new titles appear throughout the year, this is the time when decisions will be made on deleting older titles. Because of this we currently have quite a number of puzzles (mostly Tenyo Disney ones) which have been marked "Resupply date uncertain" for quite some time. This should resolve itself within the near future.