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April 1st: The Post Office is not accepting packages to 153 coutries; so we have stopped accepting orders for the immediate future. This will change; I have to make the checkout accept only selected countries, which will take a day or so. Please go ahead and browse, and if you want to order puzzles you can send us details on the special form at the checkout. We will keep your order ready for later payment and despatch.

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Tenyo puzzles

Blog entry for November 2014

We are currently having difficulties getting supplies of Tenyo puzzles, so much so that it is impossible not to wonder quite what is going on. The new Tenyo catalog (first for two years) was promised in July (at the Toy Show in June), then promised in October, currently promised in November, but has yet to materialise. A huge number are out of stock, including the best-selling "All-star stained glass" 1000-piece; last week out of the total of 35 Tenyo titles we ordered, just three arrived. The Disney calendar, which appeared in September, and generated lots of orders, was unavailable by the beginning of October, and it seems unlikely that any more will be produced. I apologise for any disappointment, but please be assured that we are doing all we can to get more stock, and we can only hope that the situation stablises at some point in the near future.

Update 11 November The catalog is now promised "early December"... and we have been told the calendar puzzle is in fact discontinued.