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Covid-19: Shop status

We are accepting orders again, but with very limited shipping options, which we have to handle manually. Please use the checkout form to request puzzles, and we will get back to you when we can. Please see the front page for more details.

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Increases in EMS shipping costs

Blog entry for May 2016

We have had a notification from the Post Office that some rates will rise on 1st June. (This is the first time for such a change since we started operating 14 years ago!)

(7th June) I have updated the EMS charges, which are the only changes to affect checkout calculations. The minimum weight step has been raised from 300g to 500g, and then there is a flat increase per package of 300–500 yen (depending on zone). This is a big increase for a single (very) small puzzle, but for larger orders EMS is still a very good deal: it's fast and tracked, and we can pack everything in a single carton. (For SAL and Airmail "small packet" rates, we have to split into packages not over 2kg, equivalent to two 1000-piece puzzles.)

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