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Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

Morita Haruyo

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Colours series

The gorgeous "colours" series - violet, gold, cherry, green, blue, white, and scarlet - appeared over 18 months, from mid-2004 to 2005, the initial 1000-piece versions followed by a selection in other sizes.

Some of the original series (matching the colours on the fan) have been discontinued, but much later additions — yellow and black — have also appeared.

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Morita Haruyo


Haruyo: signature and seal

The artist Morita Haruyo studied both Japanese art and kimono design, and she combines these with elements of her own Western-influenced technique. (She travelled to London in 1977, exactly the year I [Brian Chandler] first came to Tokyo.)

Morita is her family name: she follows the tradition of signing - and sealing - paintings with her given name only.

Note: The translations of titles are mine.

Other kimono puzzles

We now have the complete Haruyo catalog in stock, except for the slight delay in getting the latest displayed on the website.

Deleted puzzles

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