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Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

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Flower wheel
© Chihiro Art Museum

500: Flower cart (Chihiro)

Two children push a barrowload of flowers...

Born in Fukui Prefecture on the west coast of Japan in 1918, Chihiro Iwasaki showed an early aptitude for drawing. She later became well known for her illustrations, usually in a distinctive water colour style, of children and flowers. Although married twice, she continued to use her maiden family name of Iwasaki, which she usually wrote in hiragana (いわさき・ちひろ: I-wa-sa-ki Chi-hi-ro).

* This puzzle has a luxury "canvas" finish.

Permanently unavailable
An Appleone puzzle: 500 pieces; 38 x 53 cm (15" x 21")
Code: A05507 (500-507 on package)
Retail price ¥2400

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