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Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

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Four gods in Kyoto
© Daruma Shoten
Position map

1000: Four gods in Kyoto

A modern, even psychedelic, rendering of the four gods: blue dragon and white tiger, Genbu the entwined snake and turtle, and Suzaku the red phoenix. These four protectors of the compass points were an ancient import from China, and in the year 794, when the Emperor Kammu moved the capital from Nara to modern Kyoto, it is said that to help the four gods protect it he had the streets laid out on a NSEW grid, as we see here in the background. This started the great flowering of Japanese culture called the Heian Period (which is why the capital was then called Heian-kyo).

This image comes from a group of digital artists in Kyoto called Daruma Shoten. Website:

Permanently unavailable
A Beverly puzzle: 1000 pieces; 72 x 49 cm (28" x 19")
Code: B51101 (51-101 on package)
Retail price ¥2800

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