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Spring kite-flying days
© Disney

108: Spring kite-flying days (Ellenshaw)

The unmistakable scenery of southern England - Ellenshaw's portrayal of the classic Pooh characters tangling with the wind...

Born in England in 1913, Peter Ellenshaw was a successful landscape painter whose work in the film industry spanned seven decades. He also lived, and painted, in California, and later Ireland — when already in his eighties he was commissioned to paint scenes from films produced by Disney Studios.

Peter Ellenshaw died in 2007, and the tradition of his work is carried on by his son Harrison.

Permanently unavailable
A Tenyo puzzle: 108 pieces; 26 x 18 cm (10" x 7")
Code: TD01760 (D-108-760 on package)
Retail price ¥1400

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