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Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

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Otani Oniji
© Sharaku

500: Otani Oniji (Sharaku)

The actor Otani Oniji strikes an intense pose in the role of Yakko Edobei. A classic Sharaku kabuki portrait.

Interesting description of how ukiyo-e were made

It seems very little of certainty is known about Sharaku (this is his given name, though it is very likely no-one's real name; his family name, Tôshûsai, is rarely used at all). His works, caricatures of kabuki artists, appeared over the space of less than a year from mid-1794, and then he totally disappeared. Theories abound!

This puzzle has a luxury "Cloth touch" finish.

Permanently unavailable
A Yanoman puzzle: 500 pieces; 38 x 53 cm (15" x 21")
Code: Y05765 (05-765 on package)
Retail price ¥2000

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