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Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

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Plug suits (Rei & Asuka)
© Gainax

1000: Plug suits (Rei & Asuka)

Rei and Asuka are both 14, and principal characters in the Evangelion TV anime series from 1995-96. The plug suits protect them in their roles as pilots of the Evangelion robots.

The original title is Shin-seiki Evangelion, literally "New Century Evangelion", but the standard English name used for the series is Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Here's one of many website guides: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Permanently unavailable
A Yanoman puzzle: 1000 pieces; 50 x 75 cm (20" x 30")
Code: Y101005 (10-1005 on package)
Retail price ¥3000

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