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Jigsaw puzzles from Japan

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Kaguyahime under the spring moon
© Ozuma Kaname

1000: Kaguyahime under the spring moon (Kaname)

Kagaya here portrays Kaguyahime ("Princess of the shining night") against a background of cherry blossom, though which we see a huge full moon. The "spring moon" of the title refers to oborozuki, a romantic motif in both art and song: which we can best translate as "the (spring) moon, shrouded in haze".

The story of which she is heroine, the "Bamboo cutter's tale", dates back a thousand years, to the great cultural flowering that was the Heian period. In the story, she was found as a tiny baby inside a bamboo trunk.

As we see, a beauty of that time wore her eyebrows high, and her hair exceedingly long. She also spared no expense on her kimono.


Good articles at Wikipedia: The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter - Heian period

The painter Ozuma Kaname was born in 1939, in Niigata. He studied traditional Japanese art, and his pictures are generally based on traditional themes.

Ozuma is his family name: he signs paintings with the single character of his given name only.

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