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Zigen Tanabe

Between a tiger and a dragon
© Tanabe Zigen

1000: Between a tiger and a dragon

A monkey dangles precariously from a gnarled tree projecting over the abyss - from above a tiger threatens, below awaits a dragon.

And the meaning of this terrible dilemma? Why, another pun: the Japanese for monkey is saru, which is also a verb meaning "to go away" or "disappear." So the title, literally "great difficulties monkey" also means the auspicious "great difficulties disappear"!

Not available
Discontinued November 2019
A Beverly puzzle: 1000 pieces; 49 x 72 cm (19" x 28")
Code: B61393 (61-393 on package)
Retail price ¥3000

Zigen Tanabe

The artist was born in Toyama in 1970, and specialises in showy images, in his own reinterpretation of traditional Japanese themes. In 2000 he started to exhibit in the USA and now lives in New York State.

Tanabe is his family name; he signs his paintings with his given name Zigen. Note that the usual Romanisation of this would be "Jigen", but it seems that Zigen is the artist's own preference.