Summer holidays 1999 - Intro - Yura -  Haguro -  Tazawako -  Oga Peninsula -  Atsumi


7th - 9th August

The camp-site is basically the patch of beach between the hotel block and the huge rock in mid-distance. Facilities were basic, but adequate. The sun was up at the crack of dawn (as it were), so by about eight in the morning we'd finished breakfast and things, and were swimming around in the sea. Aki put his arm-bands on and bobbed around happily - amazing to think of the struggle we had two years ago to get him in the Mediterranean.
Here are some seaside snaps, and the obligatory sunset.


Terry, and a nameless marine mammal

Sunset off Yura beach

We'd had lots of swimming by about 1030, and the beach was too hot to be on in the middle of the day, and anyway we had to do something to find out why the camping stove we'd borrowed didn't work properly, so we made a trip inland. A helpful camping shop on the outskirts of Tsuruoka showed us what we were doing wrong. Then we found ourselves at Haguro, a very large and famous Shinto temple site, which is on the next page.

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