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Welcome to the Imaginatorium guest book. It breaks the barriers of conventional technology by reading forwards, so the most recent entry is at the bottom. (Remember books?) The first part in tasteful grey is copied from the now defunct one, "funded by advertising," which should give some idea how effective advertising is on the web. I occasionally prune out duplicates and spam, though for some reason every time I read the Nigerian offer of Real Wealth it makes me laugh, so I left that in.

Oh yes, nearly forgot. Haven't got the email notification working yet, so if you hope for a response, please send me an email as well. Just subject "Guestbook" will do.

I've added occasional comments of my own like this.


Peter Evans the hoary ape 14/Oct/2000:23:46:27
Congratulations on producing the best personal page I've ever seen, with
the possible exception of Biff's ( )
-- but then of course I might have missed a few, because I'm blinkered.

Right then, where's all the nude beach photography that used to lure me
to your Yomoginous site as irresistibly as a moth is drawn to my brown
sweater, I mean a flame?
Vadim Makarov (my personal site) 17/Dec/2000:04:24:30
The thing you are whining about in your a
href=""Negative Lottery/a
article is called emmicropayments/em. For instance, Jakob Nielsen
deems that an a
micropayment system is one of the most needed things for the Web/a.
Wayne Bartlett   31/Jan/2001:09:21:41
Loved the site. Sano has been my "furusato" for years now. I was there
first on a student exchange, made heaps of friends, and try to get back
there whenever I can. Great to see photos of the place. Natsukashii.

Just on the topic of your restaurant gallery, my three favourite places
to eat drink and be really drunk are as follows.

Hokkaidoraku - chain izakaya next to Jusco
Yakitori Daigaku - good atmosphere izakaya, accross the road from
hokkaidoraku, near Steak Miya.

But my all time favourite is Suribachi Raamen. It sells the BEST
raamen I have ever tasted, and has in my opinion the best atmosphere of
any restaurant Ive ever been in. If you still live in Sano, and you
dont know where it is, I will gladly explain.


A plant-lover in Ame Cat's Place: The Lodge 02/Mar/2001:02:42:38
Cool plant pictures. Interesting how they all have multiple names.
fiona miles   08/Mar/2001:09:19:03
Re: Olchon brook - my favorite place in the world. I stayed in a
cottage in that valley when I was little, too.
Joe Norton 07/Apr/2001:22:21:15

April 6, 2001

Dear Sir:

I took the liberty of linking your page on the Sano
Plain to the Geography Forum. The object
is to compare this with another fertile flat
agricultural area now used for manufacturing and
port facilities, the Lake Prairie around Detroit.

The URL is a bit too long to provide here, but
the link is accessed on search engines via the terms "miningco"
and "geography", then Forum, then, Geography Education at
the left, then Natural Vegetation Type Gallery,
most recent posting.

Sincerely yours,

Joe Norton
Peter Evans lackofimaginationorium 05/May/2001:02:44:23
Esteemed Sir,

Do you share my habit of ordering books and records from Daedalus? If
so, I recommend Daniel McNeill's *The Face* and *Gravikords, Whirlies -&-
Pyrophones: Experimental Musical Instruments*. The former might even
make it to the Blinkered Empiricist's Bookshelf; in brief, it's perhaps
a little too digressive and long and perhaps slightly less than the sum
of its parts, but there are many parts and virtually all are excellent.
webmaster@nofrills no frills 08/May/2001:12:39:50
Dear Chandler-san

The Google search engine led me here when I was trying to get some clue
about "English muffins." Oh dear! How I wish I had found your web page

I'm a Japanese native and have been a fan of "English muffins," as you
see in superstores, for quite a long time... 15 years, I suppose.

I never thought of "English muffins" when travelling in England, but
one morning in Tokyo while I was waiting for my "English muffins"
toasted, it came up to my mind that when I travelled in England, I'd
never seen them except on a MacDonald's breakfast menu. Strange, I
thought, and started searching the Web.

The Harry Potter American version I think I heard of, and surely a lot
of resources about American-British words and phrases say something
like "Crumpets are English muffins." But I know crumpets are not the
English muffins I know, and the mystery deepened... What was it the
muffin man sold back in the Victorian era? Mrs Beeton's culinary book
tells the muffins of the era is not the ones we know; they use potatoes
for flat muffins! (And for crumpets, as well!!)

Currently my research are going on the forum of my website. If you are
interested, please drop in there. (Your browser need to have Japanse
fonts, just in case.) I think I'm going to put all these together and
post onto my site, maybe in a week or two. Your webpage is very helpful.

all the best
webmaster@no frills
Tokyo, Japan

I've just encountered an informative site.
"newfoods -the UK new product database and visual guide"
mike Carey   13/May/2001:20:34:50
hey there. I just visited your site again and wanted to say that I am
impressed with the developments. It seems that you have been spending
quite a bit of time brainstorming and working at the computer. Keep up
the good work, and perhaps one of these days I will have the
opportunity to join you for your existentialist and beer discussion
group. By the way this is the American teaching at Noah in the middle
of town. Enjoy the slow but painful increase in humidity this spring.
Cyrus Cyrus Roussilhes Creative Art Photography 22/May/2001:23:08:14
Interesting Dynographs. One day every web page will be behind one
interactive in nature.
Peter Evans the hoary ape 13/Jul/2001:15:18:23
Your exposure thingie is very impressive, Brian, but if somebody what's
something simple to print out and carry around he might try
Jeff Gillan   23/Aug/2001:02:53:55
I found a link directly to your exposure comparitor... better check your
algorithm. Example: 1/60 at f4 is equivalent to 1/250 at f2 - your calc
says it's 4 stops different. ev=log2(Aperture**2xShutter)
Harriette   23/Aug/2001:21:31:04
Hi Brian. I have just acquired a loquat tree and I've been looking for
pictures of the flowers. Yours are the best of all the websites I've
visited. I like the name "Imaginatorium." There's something about
trying to grow a tropical tree in the Piedmont that requires
imagination. H.G.
Minoru Mochizuki   02/Sep/2001:20:07:32
Hello Brian,

I followed the Qualia query and ended up in this strange
but charming world of yours.

It is strange to me because the only junctions between
you and me are Honyaku and the two languages, which are
ever so imperfect in transmitting thoughts and feelings
causing many interesting understandings called

May you enjoy your own existence for as long as you wish
to live.

Peter Evans the hoary ape 19/Sep/2001:16:15:03
Brian, first off, congratulations on your qualia solution, which I've
only now seen for the first time. (I think I'd previously misread your
link to it as a link to quines, and as I'd just read my fill about
quines I gave your link a miss.)

So, your new opening page.

If the perpetrator of the WTC outrage is indeed the person already named
as US's "public enemy number one", the attack would very likely have
been for at least one purpose: to provoke counter-attacks, which would
produce wide resentment and a world war of sorts. No doubt you find this
"logic" nutty as well as cynical (certainly I do), but it will be
impossible to break out of a cycle of violence without attempting to
understand the motivation (however deranged it may be) of the terrorists.

Terrorism has never changed anyone's mind.

I find that hard to believe. Terrorism is already changing people's
minds, as they turn patriotic (for better or worse), become more
tolerant of limits to their liberties (ditto), etc. As for governments,
Reagan promised that the murderous bomb attack on US (and French)
servicemen in Lebanon would not sway US policy; I forget about the
French, but as I remember a year or two after the attack the Americans
were "redeployed". Of course other reasons were given for this. Which
was the real reason? I don't claim to know, but have trouble believing
that the bomb wasn't a factor.

Anyway, people are now being asked to join a "war on terrorism" -- an
idea that's daft when you think about it, as how can you have a war on a
a method? ("War on bombing", anyone?)

Pardon the plug, but . . . having nothing original to say on 11
September, I've just posted a personal view [really] at
ludo grauls   14/Oct/2001:15:34:53
why do i never read about palestinians killed by zionists with the
support of the US for already 55 years?
could this be the reason why some people hate americans?
i am sure that the terrorists don't hate belgians for whatever reason.
there is no solution in bombing innocent people, or don't you know of
hirosjima and nagasaki? was is neccesary to throw the second atom bomb
or did the us tried to kill as much people as they could for revenge.
revenge is for God my friend.
sophie   01/Nov/2001:00:13:00
i want to know when or if akasegawa's books are translated - can't read
andrew fildes   04/Nov/2001:17:00:25
Damn you sir - your wirescapes used up a good idea I hadn't got around to
yet. Done real good but.
Wouldn't have a good recipe for Parkin would you? :)
Alain S   23/Nov/2001:10:04:47
Simply the most stimulating and generous personal page I ever visited
on the Internet. Deepest gratitude from Nice, French Riviera
Geoff D'Arcy Darcy Naturals, World Herb Supplements 07/Dec/2001:23:39:13
Brian, thank you for your clarity! and enthusiasm for the plants, it
really makes them, jump out of my computer at me.
vera   07/Dec/2001:23:45:41
Very nice pages and what nice pictures, wouuuuuuuuhhh! Is there anybody
who can send me an e-mail with the discription of let a ginkgo-plant
grow out of a fruitseed? Please mail to:
thank you. Good look for all visitors....Vera
Takenao   17/Apr/2002:14:02:55
Japanese message
Mehalia 20/Apr/2002:16:14:42
Very nice web site!
Christopher Holmes   29/Apr/2002:18:52:22
Very, very nice, Brian! Beautiful pictures! Keep up the good work!
vincent 02/Jun/2002:22:06:08
Hello, I m french and je trouve votre site super!!! et excellent!!!
Juste un petit message pour vous dire de continuer encore et encore.
Jaane.Vincent de France
Crypt Encryption and Privacy on the Internet 09/Jun/2002:02:50:30
A very nice page, good job!
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Mic Marc-&-Sunny's site 08/Aug/2002:19:56:17
I like your muffin-page. Very interesting! In my experience (England)
a 'muffin' refers to the flat type wheras the american style, sweet
muffin, is referred to with a prefix like: chocolate-muffin, blueberry-
muffin, double-chocolate-muffin, banana-toffee-muffin, etc.

I just figured i would drop by and see what all the hubub was about, not bad. See you got it pretty much squared away now.

By the way, those naturally tiling photos are really cool, i would just feel too guilty to swipe them now...

Great site Brian, you continue to put me to shame :-)

Phillip (PDF) <>
USA - 2002-08-26 (Monday)
Thanks Phillip! Remember you are welcome to use any of the tiling photos as backgrounds on your own web page, as long as you say they're mine, and include a link to the Imaginatorium.
Brian Chandler
Sano, Japan - 2002-08-28 (Wednesday)
Hi Brian

I've been a fan of your site for some time but didn't notice the guest book until now.
Love the the plant watcher's pages -- always looking forward to new additions.

One thing that I thought might interest you:
In your review of "A Reunion of Trees" you mentioned the Tradescants, father and son, plant collectors from "a century before Linnaeus introduced the modern system of nomenclature, which may be one reason I don't remember seeing "Tradescant" in a plant name."

I can tell you that (ahem) I have a Tradescantia plant growing in my garden. Apparently it's native to the Americas.
For more info on the plant, see for example (with a brief explation of the name).

Yuno Hanlon <>
Stirling, UK - 2002-09-11 (Wednesday)
Fabulous website! I'm a gaikokujin coming to Sano in October with a Fulbright group from the States. Yours was the first hit when I did a googlesearch for Sano. Love the photographs especially the fuzzy logic of the chandler lens.

Brian Thomas Merrill <>
Hebron,, CT USA - 2002-09-16 (Monday)

I found your site looking for higanbana which, as you know, are about to hit us.

Thanks for the tour North too. Very pleasant trip. I felt like I was with you and glad I missed all the driving.

I would like to do a site like this for my stuff too. Where do I start?


Paul Hoff <>
Tokyo, Japan - 2002-09-19 (Thursday)
L.A. <>
- 2002-09-29 (Sunday)
guymen keep off from this intresting site.
guyman <>
akakpa, lome togo - 2002-10-18 (Friday)

Bit of a mystery, this one. hosts an interesting site about Sir Francis Galton

excellent site,
greetings from vienna !

georg <>
austria/europe - 2002-10-20 (Sunday)
Great website - love the photographs!
- 2002-11-05 (Tuesday)
hey there. interesting site youve got. can i have it? my mother is born/raised ashikagan (~dagane-. is in the house). i am born in alpena michigan and raised in rockford, illinois/santa clara, california. i now make my home in tochigi as well (an irony that drives my mother absolutely nuts) with my wife and 2 boys (their mother being japanese resulting in them being referred to as kuoo-taa). do your boys speak english well? if not too much trouble, i would ask you for advice on bilingual child-rearing. jeffrey is almost 4 and colin is 2 weeks. their mothers english level is that of shoganai. i will visit again perhaps. be well.
William Burke <>
Karasuyama, Tochigi Japan - 2002-11-11 (Monday)

Ah!! Here we go... wealth awaits me!

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Chief Bayo Oloye <>
Abuja, Nigeria - 2002-11-15 (Friday)
I love your site. Please post some more pics of everyday life.


St. Paul , MN USA - 2002-11-17 (Sunday)
These pictures of this beautiful tree are great!!!! I have never heard of a Ginko Tree before, had to do some research on painting this tree in a mural for a client. This has helped me in understanding and seeing the beauty of a Ginko tree. It is winter here, therefore I can't take my own pictures. Thank you again.
Janet <>
Caledon, ont Canada - 2002-12-14 (Saturday)
I thoroughly enjoyed your site.
DC Images Sydney Photographers
Sydney, NSW Australia - 2002-12-22 (Sunday)
I was looking for used books when I saw this site (I'm a real used books junky).
Anyway I must say that I was really impressed and I will most certainly visit this site again (after I'll find the used books I was looking for).
Good Luck!!

- 2003-01-12 (Sunday)
Just surfed in.
- 2003-01-12 (Sunday)

Interesting link. "If you are a capitalist - buy used books" he says. Well, if you are a socialist, buy used books too, I would say. (The American Author's Guild trying to stop Amazon from letting people sell their used books on the site.)


I never dreamed when I borrowed your photo for our garden club contest ( that it would engender a connection with you, the producer of this site. What a lovely site it is!

I was rather pleased to see your email in our group, and hope you will visit us more in the future, as I mentioned in my email to you, as we don't seem to have members who are in Japan, and that would broaden our horizons, quite a bit.

The photo of the loquat I borrowed was for our "guess this plant" contest. In Houston, Texas, we have loquats growing abundantly, and I was interested to learn they grow in Japan, as well. Thank you so much for your gracious understanding of the reason we borrowed it. Your email to the club was a delight to read.

Your website is wonderful, and I already have an interest in Japanese Gardens, so I've bookmarked it for future perusal.



Lyn Ortiz <>
Houston, TX USA - 2003-01-19 (Sunday)
Enjoyed your website - keep it up.
- 2003-01-20 (Monday)
Just wanted to say thanks for the "Adusting Exposure" and "How many stops" calculators- they've just helped me work out how many stops I need to increase exposure by for my extension tubes. I'm only a beginner at photography and wanted to check that my calculations were correct. Needless to say your calculators made it really easy. Thank you!
UK - 2003-01-24 (Friday)
Nice work!
- 2003-01-28 (Tuesday)
I hate your website
Forest Hills, NY USA - 2003-03-02 (Sunday)

"Trust free" indeed. I wonder if that's like "focus free"? (I.e., there isn't any...)

I am looking for a business associate who is trust free.If you are intreseted contact me with my e-mail.
william <>
NY, NY ENGLAND - 2003-03-20 (Thursday)
I hate your website more than Sherry does! (No, just kidding... only read the Ginko article, but really loved it).


Joe G
Nishi-Nippori, Japan - 2003-04-10 (Thursday)
A great site, I loved reading about the Maidenhair Tree and the pictures.

Thank you

From Angela

- 2003-04-17 (Thursday)
G'Day Brian
(Being an Aussie I guess G'Day is obligatory)
Your website is wonderful, wacky and marvellously creative.
I just love it. I am an expat Australian and have built a rice mill in Thailand. Your picture of the rice seedling planting machine is extremely interesting. There is no equivalent here in Thailand in the North East at Khon Kaen and yes its all still done by hand in the blistering heat and humidity. I don't know how they do it I reckon 5 minutes would give me a heart attack.
I would DEARLY love to get more information on that machine. Any help or references at all would be welcome.
Re evolution...Have you read any of the recent attempts to revive or partly revive Lamarks theory of acquired characteristics?
Best regards
Joe Kenyon

Joe Kenyon
Melb, Victoria Australia - 2003-05-07 (Wednesday)
Nice Website
- 2003-05-15 (Thursday)

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Not a Mugu
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m.nazemi <>
IRAN - 2003-07-21 (Monday)
Loved your website. Being a little naive about the internet, I was very exceited to learn about "copyleft". I really needed some great pics of spider lillies and these were better than any I found from the pros. Thanks loads!!!! Again great site!!! I'll be back.
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Leonard <>
Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2003-08-05 (Tuesday)
Dear Brian
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Thanks Again

jd wolfe <>
mills, wy united states - 2003-08-15 (Friday)
Hello, glad to be here.
Selina Lee <>
Alhambra, CA USA - 2003-08-17 (Sunday)
Strange very strange, but nice very nice

Chris Lindgren

Chris <>
Salem, OR USA - 2003-08-26 (Tuesday)
Wonderful site!
UK - 2003-11-16 (Sunday)
Dear Brian, I really admire you and your website !
You really put a lot of affects to make this website !

What I want to say : GOOD !

And I like to share with you about my new invented puzzle,
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Very interesting and fun !

Keep in touch !

Thank you & with my best and warmest regards,

Lawrence Lau

Lawrence Lau <>
Kowloon, Hong Kong - 2003-11-22 (Saturday)
The collection of mathematical calculators provided for photographic Optics is really unique. There are a few resource documents in the World Wide Web of computers containing some photographic calculator, for purposes such as depth of field, but having several calculators together in the same document is extremely rare. Congratulations, Sir, You are showing the importance of technical aspects in the Photographic Science!
Captain Peter Anthony Stonemann, C.S.N. <>
- 2003-12-19 (Friday)
Quite a lovely site you have here.....
Talullah Bankhead
- 2003-12-20 (Saturday)
A most excellent and unique site Brian. A true oasis on the net. I enjoy your subtle humor too. You may enjoy listening to this song about cows: The very authentic moo at the beginning is the ingenius use of a trombone. If you like the song I'd be happy to exchange links. Best, Dennis
Dennis Longwyck <>
Eastpointe, MI USA - 2004-01-10 (Saturday)
can i get a catalog if possible
secunda wells
bronx, ny usa - 2004-01-14 (Wednesday)
Nice web site...

My regard
Suha Derbent
Wildlife Photographer

Suha Derbent
Istanbul, Turkey - 2004-01-18 (Sunday)
Arigato. Congratulation,what a wonderful site and very informative with nice illustrations. Keep up your good work.
Mr. Halim San <>
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 2004-01-27 (Tuesday)


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The REAL Viking
ICELAND - 2004-03-04 (Thursday)
ok i was just looking for picks of ozuma a tv charater on beyblades and i so happin to stumble on this page and then i got hooked when i saw the fore gods pic with the white tiger, dragon, tertle,and phenix, and on the tv show it has these bit beasts in a spinning top and one is blue dragon of wood,(called dragoon) white tiger of gold(driger)red phenix of fire (dranzer)and black tertle of walter(driseal)
is funny oh and im a big fan of japan love it but never ben there oh ya love the name ozuma

ca - 2004-03-06 (Saturday)
ok i was just looking for picks of ozuma a tv charater on beyblades and i so happin to stumble on this page and then i got hooked when i saw the fore gods pic with the white tiger, dragon, tertle,and phenix, and on the tv show it has these bit beasts in a spinning top and one is blue dragon of wood,(called dragoon) white tiger of gold(driger)red phenix of fire (dranzer)and black tertle of walter(driseal)
is funny oh and im a big fan of japan love it but never ben there oh ya love the name ozuma

ca - 2004-03-06 (Saturday)
was looking for info on rice paddies, thanks for the resource!

lintere <>
- 2004-03-21 (Sunday)
Hello sir! ^_^

I was wondering of there was a photo of the whole family together.

- 2004-03-29 (Monday)
I enjoy your photo puzzles. I was wondering if you sell them in JUMBO size,since my vision is not too keen. Let me know,if it's available. Thank-you.
sandi bird <>
Pukalani, HI USA - 2004-04-01 (Thursday)
Brian, it's time to add some more cheapo bunkobon photo books to your list of recommendations -- if you can recommend them, that is. I'd recommend Domon Ken's 'Wanpaku kozō ga ita' and Tsuzuki's 'Roadside Japan'; see for a vaguely relevant plug.

As for your Nigerian, Togolese, and other correspondents who are so eager to share their millions with you, see

Peter Evans <>
- 2004-04-10 (Saturday)
Live long and prosper !
Janne Pekkala <>
- 2004-04-30 (Friday)
Interesting site. Glad to visit it.
Mr Clyde Framis <>
Switzerland - 2004-05-03 (Monday)
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dorin <>
Cluj, cj Romania - 2004-05-05 (Wednesday)
I love the desing of you site !
Sepe Susi <>
- 2004-05-09 (Sunday)
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Phil Achio <>
Sphincterville, IL USA - 2004-05-11 (Tuesday)
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Richard Corrigan MSIA

Richard Corrigan <>
Southwick, Sussex England - 2004-05-20 (Thursday)
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Robert M Johnson <>
USA - 2004-06-02 (Wednesday)
Fantastic site! I stumbled on it by accident, whilst browsing for unusual jigsaw puzzles. I haven't had time to explore the whole site, so I'm still curious about certain basics, such as who you are, and what you are doing in Japan (assuming you are in Japan). I will definitely bookmark and come back.
Bristol, U.K. - 2004-07-01 (Thursday)
Great Site! Love the photos!
Sydney, NSW Australia - 2004-08-15 (Sunday)
I have loved browsing Brian's site ever since finding it while searching for higanbana.

Lots of things here to keep one busy for many delightful hours.

My favorite bits are the photography, being an avid shutterbug for close to forty years.

Please, Brian, keep us occupied with your pastimes.


Paul Hoff <>
Tokyo, Japan - 2004-09-09 (Thursday)
Hi Brian,

I really like your site. Are you Japanese or American? Your name sounds American, and I thought I saw where you first attempted to translate Japanese writing. I guess I'm confused,lol. I think your site is great, and the pictures of Japan are awesome. I read your thoughts about Sept.11 2001. I just want to share my opinion as an American(a friendly animosity intended). First of all, I made the same statement to my husband when Bush Jr. called the terrorists cowards. I think they were wrong, and their govt. consisted of brutal, unethical, sadistic bullies, but cowards...??? I was thinking...damn the cowards are braver than me...I wouldn't crash into a building and die without freaking out, and trying to change my mind,lol. I don't agree with the statement that Americans are arrogant, however. I don't think America is simply one thing or another. We are a melting pot of many beliefs, religions,races,etc. All of the melting pot of American groups(businesses,races,laws,religions,etc.)contain good and bad. There are mostly really good people here, but we also have liars, arrogant jerks, murderers, priests who are pedophiles, and unfortunately, the President is not so great right now. These things are part of the price of freedom. I don't think the majority agree with Bush, and or want him in office next term or this term even. He didn't even get the majority vote when he was elected, he pretty much just took the presidency. We chose Clinton over electing Bush Sr. for a second term. We were fed up with Reagan/Bush.(12 years....2 terms of Reagan 1 term of Bush). Bush Sr. was also vice-president under Reagan, so it's pretty much back to the same leadership we were fed up with. I think this reign of ignorance with the Reagan/Bush admin. has gone on for so many years it has given us a bad image. We didn't have all this trouble when Clinton was president. The republicans slandered him, but I think he was a great leader, communicator, negotiator,etc, and he represented the heart/soul/thinking of the American people more accurately than Bush does. Bush Jr. recently got booed out of NY City when he went there to rally supporters during the Repub. Natl. Convention. There were so many protesters in the streets they feared a riot, and the streets had to be policed. Also, I watched a show last night(talk/opinion show), and the mention of his name(not insulting him-simply the mention of his name)caused the whole crowd to boo. He represents us right now, but that doesn't mean we are all arrogant or supporters of Bush and his war. I'm afraid of what might happen if he gets the majority of electoral votes and wins this next election. It could cause a major upset in our country. It would definately cause major distrust/disrespect, and possibly an uprising. I really don't think people really understand Americans. We really desire to be fair, to have world peace, and to live ethically, but I think we are sort of like a child, so to speak, when you consider how long ago our country was founded. We are still growing/maturing as a nation. Oh boy, I hope people don't take this's just an objective opinion...I love my country. Japan goes back to around 300 BC. England, Italy, and others go back to the Roman Empire. There were issues between the US and Japan during WWI and II. Japan felt they were treated badly, and wanted an "equality of races" statement added to the covenant of the League of Nations, and they wanted control of the Pacific Islands. We didn't go along with adding the equality of races statement. America has made mistakes, and have hurt others in the process of becoming a country, but no country is without mistakes or bloodshed. We had also just fought a civil war 50 years earlier. That may have caused race issues to be a little scary for the USA. We are actually just now getting some of the race issues solved within ourselves, and still have work ahead in that area. We believe in freedom and equality of all, but we are still immature. We won't be able to achieve what's in our hearts until we have time to mature. I know that Japan is one of the nations that we admire, and look to for knowledge in business, health, and more as we mature. I was just learning about Japan and TQM in my last college course. We also believe in the equality of women and men, and have felt hurt and disrespected by Japan's rude treatment of our business women, but when we first dealt with this we took measures to respect and accommodate that belief. Americans truly believe in respecting everyone's personal beliefs, religious views, etc., and we believe very very strongly in freedom. That is what we are really about. Of course, there are going to be the idiots that take advantage of the freedom we believe everyone has a right to, but we have to tolerate them....until they get too stupid...then we incarcerate them,lol. Ok this is way too long now, but remember we look to Japan and other countries on our path to don't be so harsh with us just because we are young and we have an idiot for a leader, lol. We are maturing;lend us patience and support.

Genia <>
Mi USA - 2004-09-18 (Saturday)

Hmm... interesting post, actually. Though what should I say: "Are you Japanese or American?" Well, no, I'm not. Next question?

Hi Brian, browsing thro' your website is like looking for treasures in an attic; it's interesting and delightful. If have time, please visit my homepage;

Jo-Ann Yang <>
Singapore - 2004-09-24 (Friday)
A great site, I loved reading about the Maidenhair Tree and the pictures.
Aleks <>
- 2004-09-29 (Wednesday)
Liked the idea of your Venice poles. I'm looking for info on constructiing a wall of glass bottles as a backdrop for the white bathtub I have in the backyard for bathing the dog and other large projects such as papermaking. I also liked the layout of your site. Mary
Mary Rudd <>
Jacksonville, Fl Usa - 2004-10-27 (Wednesday)
thank you for this wonderful site. Ill be back!!
julius hibbert <>
seattle, wa usa - 2004-11-03 (Wednesday)
I came across a great book search site: .
Try it.

Phoenix, AZ US - 2004-11-19 (Friday)
Great site. Excellent quality of pictures. I just love it. My favourite photo : Higanbana - splashes of brilliant red fringe the paddies.

Another bot? Anyway, I've deleted the http://www.di*tp*llsc*ntr* link

Yo, Brian, have you noticed the amount of unfunny advertising above -- all those coffin nails? Anyway, I was wondering if there might be any connection between the staff of the Imaginatorium
Peter Evans
Edo, Yamato - 2005-01-14 (Friday)

Ah! An old Yamatonian. No, I have nothing to do with, though it's an amusing notion. Here's a really interesting (if long and boring) page, in which Lord Denning, no less, grapples with the task of deciding whether X (in this case scientology) is a religion or not: R v Registrar General, ex parte Segerdal and another

After a long search, I finally found your site. My granny used to say, that you must never give up to reach a certain aim.
So keep on going like I did it recently.

Jan <>
UK - 2005-02-04 (Friday)
Hey nice puzzles guys!
Spab <>
- 2005-02-06 (Sunday)
I just discovered your web site. I really enjoyed
all the information. All the best to you and good luck with your site. Thanks!

Polish pottery stoneware <>
- 2005-02-08 (Tuesday)
A friend of mine told me about this place. I love it. I will recommend you to all my friends.
See you again next time I surf around.

Suzi <>
NL - 2005-02-11 (Friday)
I found your site on Google. Nice puzzles and artwork

new york, ny usa - 2005-02-13 (Sunday)
Joe Michaels <>
USA - 2005-02-27 (Sunday)
I got directed to this page after google-ing Polish pottery. Nevertheless, please come see our collection of beautiful Polish pottery from Boleslawiec. Thanks.
- 2005-03-15 (Tuesday)
Really great resource - thanks for all your hard work!
Steve Dallas <>
- 2005-04-04 (Monday)
lovely site, and so good
- 2005-04-05 (Tuesday)
I am looking at site to improve english
- 2005-04-05 (Tuesday)
I love your introductory comments!!
Can I borrow some of your phrasing??
I surfed in to your site through the native plants webring. Living in the Appalacians (in the States), where imported plants are causing problems, there's a sort of irony involved in surfing over to your site!
Come & see mine!
Peace, Stone

- 2005-04-16 (Saturday)
nice site!
jay <>
memphis, - 2005-04-20 (Wednesday)
nice site!
jay <>
memphis, - 2005-04-20 (Wednesday)
I just surfed in and found your site, I really enjoyed the visit and hope to come back soon, thank you.
Julio <>
Pompano Beach, Fl US - 2005-04-23 (Saturday)
I just surfed in and found your site, I really enjoyed the visit and hope to come back soon, thank you from
Julio <>
Pompano Beach, Fl US - 2005-04-23 (Saturday)
Walk through life with a good heart
and you will run with success.

Donald <>
Leyden, MA USA - 2005-05-12 (Thursday)
cool site.
- 2005-05-15 (Sunday)
Great site! The pictures are great!
Ima <>
- 2005-05-19 (Thursday)
Hi, Bonjour, Konnishiwa,
The website is brilliant and we love all the puzzles (Haruyo) we have ordered: very good quality.

C'est un plaisir de faire des cadeaux via votre website et le service clientèle est excellent.

Thank you! Merci! Arigato, Bon courage à tous!!
Best of luck and best wishes.

Laura Phenghtong <>
London/Paris, UK - 2005-06-03 (Friday)
Wonderful website -- Loved the puzzles.
Malcom Forbes <>
NYC, NY USA - 2005-06-06 (Monday)
A different slant on photography

Benjamin <>
London, UK - 2005-06-19 (Sunday)
Great site! Love the puzzles!
Alfred Bester <>
- 2005-06-29 (Wednesday)
Great site! Really love this stuff! Keep up the good work!
Keagan Williams <>
London, England - 2005-07-02 (Saturday)
Love the puzzles keep up the good work
Ima Catcher
- 2005-07-12 (Tuesday)
'Found your site whilst looking for info on the Biwa Tree - you came out top of the Google search - very useful info and great pics which I will forward to my friend who has been sent some seeds form Japan, to grow in London
Peter Chadwick <>
Evesham, Worcestershire UK - 2005-07-13 (Wednesday)
I recommend visiting Red Robin Polish Pottery at
Red Robin Polish Pottery <>
- 2005-07-31 (Sunday)
What a wonderful site! I grew up in Japan, and this brings back some wonderful memories. Thanks!
Caitlyn <>
Clearwater, FL USA - 2005-08-02 (Tuesday)
Excellent tribute to the growing city of Sano. Better than the actual Sano website that still doesn't have any English. I live in Sano and it is cool to see someone elses views. Let me know if you'd like some suggestions on cool places to eat/drink. I will pass your page on to the new people from Lancaster, PA (Sano's sister city). Ja-ne!

Robb <>
Sano, Japan - 2005-08-03 (Wednesday)
Excellent tribute to the growing city of Sano. Better than the actual Sano website that still doesn't have any English. I live in Sano and it is cool to see someone else's views. Let me know if you'd like some suggestions on cool places to eat/drink. I will pass your page on to the new people from Lancaster, PA (Sano's sister city). Ja-ne!

Robb <>
Sano, Japan - 2005-08-03 (Wednesday)
excellent site- ill be back
nathan <>
seattle, - 2005-08-17 (Wednesday)
Nice website!
Linda <>
- 2005-08-19 (Friday)
Great site, great puzzles !
Sharon <>
- 2005-08-21 (Sunday)
do u sell puzzles in Russia?
- 2005-08-23 (Tuesday)
Great site. Fantastic!
Chevy <>
- 2005-08-29 (Monday)
Nice Site!
Bruce <>
- 2005-09-04 (Sunday)

really great pictures and nice puzzles, I like to see more ;)


Frank <>
AB, UK - 2005-09-07 (Wednesday)
Finally! I have been looking everywhere for these kinds of puzzles for my niece!!!! THANK YOU!!
Wrigley Parsons <>
- 2005-09-14 (Wednesday)
Thanx you for nice informative site)
Good work)

George <>
N Y, US USA - 2005-09-18 (Sunday)
I really enjoyed looking photos on your Web-site.
I hope very sooner you will share more photos here. Alternatively you can add photos to our Web-site for freelance photographers so that more people will know about you. Our site is here

- 2005-09-27 (Tuesday)
I enjoyed with your nice homepage. It is very well designed. Color
distribution is fantastic. Unfortunately I am lacking such talent in
design when I see my homepage.

- 2005-10-04 (Tuesday)
Who ever set this web site up is an amazing person. This is the most interesting, comprehensive and visually satisfying web site that I have visited!
- 2005-10-12 (Wednesday)
Gunnar Kjøpnes <>
norway - 2005-10-17 (Monday)
Yo! Just wanted to compliment you on a most triumphant site. Stumbled across it when looking for info on Oga peninsular and got trapped for quite some time.

Nice work!

Matt Tregellas <>
Daisen, Akita, Japan - 2005-10-19 (Wednesday)
well done site
Thomas Stonewall <>
- 2005-10-27 (Thursday)
I found your site through google. nice site keep it up :o)
mammoth list <>
ming, ba uk - 2005-11-03 (Thursday)
Interesting Site. ill be sure to return.
ned <>
Australia - 2005-11-04 (Friday)
Loved your website! Keep up the good work!
John Digsby <>
UK - 2005-11-19 (Saturday)
This is a really cool site, thank you for it. Keep up the good work!!
Jenna Sprague <>
Sacramento, CA USA - 2005-11-22 (Tuesday)

(Duplicate deleted)

Dear Brian,
I am a tree lover and would take pictures of trees that are new to me or fascinating in appearance. It is in search of information on Gingko tree that I came across your web-side. It is such a wonderful site I don't have time yet to go through it all - I think I will find more precious gems in it later.
At times I have chances to visit Japan on business trips and last week I have been to Gifu for 3 days. As usual, I took pictures of the Gingko tees in green and yellow colours. I observed that most of the road side Gingko trees have their leave bilobed(i.e., splitted at the middle)and they seem never bear "fruits", as I couldn,t pick one so far on the side walks under their shade. I assume they have purposely been planted as males, lest the road would be filled with stinky smells.
On the other hand, near an on-sen hotel in Ge-ro, I found a big Gingko tree having leaves with complete fan-like profile dropped on the ground like a blanket. To my delight, my first time ever, I found "fruits" on the ground too. This prompted me to speculate that male Gingko leaves are split and female ones complete. Is this the case? As I may not be able to come across Gingko trees during the "fruit" bearing season and even so, may not have chance to find more fruit bearing trees to verify this. Please shed light on me.
One more thing, I am a native Cantonese speaker and would like to point out that our pronounciation of "duck foot" is something like "ap gerg" with both abrupt falling tones. (It is hard to describe the tonal values of our dialet in words.)It is not i-chao after all. "Pakgor" (or "bakgor")in your text for "white fruit" is native Cantonese.
Warm Regards,
PS Sorry for my accidental clicking to have my incomplete text added previously.

Ko, Kon-yi <>
Hong Kong, China - 2005-11-24 (Thursday)
Great site! Good puzzles.
Jarkko <>
- 2005-11-27 (Sunday)
I just wanna say thank for the infomation on spider lily^-^ I been interest in this plant since the first time I saw it in a anime (make in 3D) and days ago I found a site (japanese one T-T) with lot of picture from this flower and it was so pretty. I wanted to fins information on it but all I can find was japanese site and I can't read japanese T-T so I was really glad I found yours ^-^ if you want picture about the flower here's the site ^-^
Anyway thank again and keep the good work ^-^

Montreal, Canada Qc - 2005-12-14 (Wednesday)
What, it doesn't sell pr0n?

A jolly Christmas and a hippy new year to you, Sir.

How about getting into the (non-pr0n) book biz? I noticed just two days ago that there's a two-volume bunkobon edition of Tsuzuki's Chintai Uchuu: rather like his earlier Tokyo Style but bigger, more varied, and more interesting. Despite its excellent English translation (by Birnbaum), a quick google doesn't show up any obvious attempts to market it outside Japan. This seems a shame.

If you do sell the book, you might have to add a warning that the hoarier of readers may need a magnifying glass, or at least reading specs. The type is awfully small (as it has to be, again making me wonder why the publisher bothered with English as well as Japanese).

Another bit of bad news is that this is pricy as bunkobon go. But these are two fat volumes, full of interest. I think they're easily worth the price (and have already bought two sets, with plans for two more).

Peter Evans
- 2005-12-26 (Monday)
Hi, some of the best Jigsaw puzzles I have ever seen. My mother loves these. Many thanks and a happy new year from Karen :)
Karen <>
Atlanta, GA USA - 2005-12-30 (Friday)
Very nice site. I will come back again.
Canada - 2006-01-06 (Friday)
Love your site!
Canada - 2006-01-07 (Saturday)
Praise the Lord. Your site is uplifting and informative.

Reverend L. Ron Hoover - First Church of Appliantology

Rev L. Ron Hoover <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - 2006-01-11 (Wednesday)
Nice website! keep up the fantastic work!
Mr Dover <>
UK, UK UK - 2006-01-12 (Thursday)
Your site is wonderful! I am a puzzle lover but over here japanese puzzles are really expensive!! Thank you for offering this shop. I will definitely buy some puzzles from you before the end of Jan (YEAH 50% OFF!!!)

Thank you so much!

May T <>
Canada - 2006-01-13 (Friday)
This is an interesting site - great idea on the spam filter for the guestbook!


Micky Crotty <>
London, UK - 2006-01-14 (Saturday)
Nice site, thanks
Stellos Artois <>
- 2006-01-15 (Sunday)
great puzzles
thank you

Lotek Smith <>
gresham , or usa - 2006-01-17 (Tuesday)
Proceeding to read the page now :) but it is excellent from what I can see!
Hugh <>
New York, NY USA - 2006-01-21 (Saturday)

really interesting websites. Congratulations!

- 2006-01-22 (Sunday)
Still looking around your puzzle collection for one that shows a colourful little bird. The fact that they are all beautiful is slowing me down quite a bit :)
Kudos! {goes off to search some more}

- 2006-01-29 (Sunday)
great site
aaron <>
- 2006-01-30 (Monday)
Some great photos on the site. Thank you!
Bob Goggles <>
New York, NY USA - 2006-01-31 (Tuesday)
Love the puzzles (my favorite way to spend downtime)
Axel <>
Detroit, MI US - 2006-01-31 (Tuesday)
this site is very great please keep it up i will return sufiing
mgbada joe <>
ny, ca us - 2006-02-02 (Thursday)
Hi Brian,

Thank you so much for the puzzles! I got the first 2 this morning. It's so well packed and my mom LOVES the stamps you have on!! All those stamps are different!! Thank you so much! Both my mom and I are really happy about the package! Thank you thank you thank you!

May T <>
Vancouver, Canada - 2006-02-07 (Tuesday)
Intersting stuff you sell. Nice web layout too. Keep it up.
Marvin W.

Marvin Wools <>
london, uk - 2006-02-10 (Friday)
Very useful site. I will come back again
Ethan <>
Chicago, IL USA - 2006-02-12 (Sunday)
good site
Gary Gunn <>
uk - 2006-02-16 (Thursday)
Great site! I love Japan and can't wait until I go back.
Margot Morrison <>
East Orange, NJ USA - 2006-02-18 (Saturday)
Your puzzles are very challenging. Thank you for providing such an a great source of entertainment.
Bryan Lyndon <>
Liverpool, England - 2006-02-28 (Tuesday)
Love your Site
Rusty Coight <>
los angeles, CA USA - 2006-02-28 (Tuesday)
What a great site. What does Guymen mean?
Nicky Lenox <>
- 2006-03-01 (Wednesday)

It's the Nigerian for "I'm a scam artist too". (Or so someone explained above...)

nice site
steve buford <>
wa usa - 2006-03-23 (Thursday)
your puzzles rock Brian!
khaki bedford <>
- 2006-03-24 (Friday)
Nice site.

Sedrik Mansalla <>
Los Angleles, CA USA - 2006-04-15 (Saturday)
Thanks for all the ginkgo info!
Amy <>
Birmingham, AL USA - 2006-04-20 (Thursday)
I am a puzzle junky, lol. This site is now in my favorites list...:)
Howard Spoon <>
Austin , TX USA - 2006-04-28 (Friday)
I am a puzzle junky, lol. This site is now in my favorites list...:)
Howard Spoon <>
Austin , TX USA - 2006-04-28 (Friday)
i did a great puzzle the other day , and got a mensa aproved test completed
james <>
- 2006-04-29 (Saturday)
what a cool shop! amazing
Sam Sung <>
san Francisco, Ca USA - 2006-04-30 (Sunday)
Great site
Geir Willy <>
Rompe, Røv Sweden - 2006-05-01 (Monday)
This site is really something special. Having lived in Japan for 2 years it brought home fond memories. Your photos are fabulous. Fantastic site.

Yeah, and the connection with bikini hair removal is...?

Some really awesome photos on your site, great work!
eddie stobbart <>
London, UK - 2006-05-09 (Tuesday)
great site
- 2006-05-09 (Tuesday)
Very interesting!
Lex Luther <>
- 2006-05-10 (Wednesday)
Took a while to guess what the p-word was. Good thing that I am not a Nigerian...
Phallis <>
NY, NY USA - 2006-05-13 (Saturday)

Ha ha! For technical reasons, that doesn't really work, since it was only a gateway to the Perl script, which I'm not getting involved in (I speak PHP). But anyway, there are various schemes, it seems, whereby humans are prepared to spend the time making plausible comments just to get a link posted.

I love jappanse things just come back from japan after climbing Mt Fugi brillent place
my name is james richards <>
- 2006-05-18 (Thursday)
Great personal site, just like the last poster said. Well done. And I like the spam preventer - I might try to figure out how to implement it myself.
Rob Hunt <>
Seattle, WA USA - 2006-05-19 (Friday)
Really interesting site. Loved it!
Dave Gill-Collis <>
London, UK - 2006-05-19 (Friday)
Great Site. Lots of great puzzles and bargains!
Earl Sangwich <>
Woodstock, OX UK - 2006-05-21 (Sunday)
great site will visit again!!!!
John Landford <>
USA - 2006-05-23 (Tuesday)
This is a really neat site. I came here to browse the shop as I am a really big puzzle fan.
Wilder Thang <>
Miami, FL USA - 2006-05-28 (Sunday)
Great site - keep up the good work.
Mrs Euphenia Yetigoose <>
- 2006-05-30 (Tuesday)
Thanks for a nice website! Very nice!
P.Indas. <>
Bolivia - 2006-06-05 (Monday)
Excellent website! God Bless You!
Ben <>
Oxford, UK - 2006-06-09 (Friday)
Love the Tiling Photos - each one is a simple work of art. Thank you for sharing!
anna <>
marlborough, - 2006-06-12 (Monday)
Great site. I love the philosophy
julius <>
London, uk - 2006-06-14 (Wednesday)
Love the site, keep up the good work.
Scotty B <>
Aus - 2006-06-20 (Tuesday)
hmmmm, googled 'narratise' and got your review of a book on the bicameral mind and conciousness ... good review..... thanks,,, have a nice time... cw.
christopher writer
france - 2006-06-21 (Wednesday)
Made it
Anita <>
Melbourne, Vic Oz - 2006-06-21 (Wednesday)
Great site, love puzzles always.

John Roger, REV

Rev John Roger <>
Athens, OH 45701 - 2006-06-23 (Friday)
Yes. This site is outstandingly good - well done
John <>
Frankfort, Texas USA - 2006-06-25 (Sunday)
Nice site! Thanks.
Gabriel v. Helsing <>
Riga, Latvia - 2006-06-29 (Thursday)
Loved the site, drop me aline
Arden Sortek <>
- 2006-06-30 (Friday)
Love the site!
E McB <>
NY, NY United States - 2006-06-30 (Friday)
I really like the puzzles, thanks for the site.
Matt Valley <>
Bozeman, MT usa - 2006-06-30 (Friday)
Thanks 4 the good information. Very best site. Bookmarked.
Tom B. <>
Montgomery, Texas USA - 2006-06-30 (Friday)
great work!
Houston, Texas USA - 2006-07-03 (Monday)
Great Site!
Neil <>
Starky, PA USA - 2006-07-04 (Tuesday)
Very nice site
Brick Tamland <>
- 2006-07-06 (Thursday)
Very cool selection of puzzles. Have not seen anything like

Iven OClue <>
Australia - 2006-07-10 (Monday)
Love puzzles - thank you for a wonderful site
Ann <>
- 2006-07-12 (Wednesday)
I love puzzles. A great site.
George <>
Tampone, FL US - 2006-07-19 (Wednesday)
great site i love it
Ray Von <>
- 2006-08-02 (Wednesday)
I love the puzzles!!!
Randal Stoat <>
Beamsville, CO USA - 2006-08-09 (Wednesday)
Great site, love the shop. Keep it going! :o)
George Z.
Dallas, Tx USA - 2006-08-10 (Thursday)

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