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This is not a painting by René Magritte (1898-1967).

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Reptile (Sausage Software)

Newsflash: This site REJECTED!

I thought it would be nice to have this little exhibit in a couple of webrings, so after the Digital Art Ring, I looked around, and the Fantasy Art Ring seemed to have an attractive amount of traffic. Put myself in the queue: eventually get (polite) rejection slip from Scott Zrubek - "I don't feel that your work fits into the Fantasy genre." Wow! Rejection! Confirmation of my status as an artist!

Of course, he's right really. Though plainly a product of (a flight of) fantasy, this isn't quite what he's looking for. So if dragons, dungeons, and possibly imaginatively bebosomed water nymphs are what you're after, hurry off to the Fantasy Art Ring.

  • I think art is a bit of a joke.
  • Surely, Rene Magritte thinks art is a bit of a joke.
  • But Rene Magritte is an artist.
  • Ergo, I am an artist (if not a logician).

Well, this started as a joke. I was playing with Reptile, the texture program from Sausage Software. The obvious application of this is to make a seamless background, on which to display, for example, some photographs. I decided to do the opposite - to make some images with Reptile, and use a real photograph for the seamless background. So off I went, captured Teraoka-san's brick wall on Fujichrome Velvia film, scanned the slide, and pasted the edges together in Paint Shop Pro.

That was the background. In the end I spent quite some time making the pictures, but at least I was able to choose a name to reflect my feeling that art can be fun, as long as it's not taken too seriously. If you want to link to this little corner of cyberspace, please note that the two parts of the name are separated not only by a "hard" hyphen, but also, at least where practicable, by a hard newline. (Therefore in HTML text the name should normally appear as "Artofar-<br>Torium". It's up to you to jiggle with line lengths so that this looks reasonably plausible!)

I can very highly recommend the Reptile program. You'll find various sites on the web offering free backgrounds made with it, but most are a bit unimaginative. Do it yourself, and you will definitely be able to put in more time, uh, that is, creativity. The pipe on the left came from, but even the "canvas" I made with Reptile.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the "horizontal" galleries, telling me which browser you're using.


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