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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use material from this site on my website/project?

Except for anything indicated as a third-party copyright (e.g. jigsaw puzzle pictures), basically, yes, provided that the web page you are creating is similarly available to other people, and you give the appropriate acknowledgement (means a copyright statement and a link to this site). Please read the bit about Copyleft. For other purposes, please ask.

Can I link to this site?

Yes, of course you can. See Linking for some graphics you can use.

Do you have a guestbook?

Yes - the Guestbook - though it's somewhat untended.

Where is the Imaginatorium, actually? And what is your postal address?

Cyberspace, with head office in Sano. Send me Snailmail.

Can you quote me a price for a rice planting machine CIF to Malaysia?

Sorry, I do my best, but this (real!) example is just the sort of thing I can't handle.


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