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このサイトは コピーレフトになっています!!

このウエッブサイト/ホームページの著作権は全べてBrian Chandler (チャンドラー)にあります。 しかし、次の条件を守っていただければ、自由に何の目的ででも、使用することができます。

たとえば、写真を使用するHTMLで、「写真:<a href="http://imaginatorium.org">Brian Chandler</a>」というように書いてください。








How it's put together

Well, it's HTML, isn't it? I type it in with a text editor (NoteTab Std). More accurately, in the traditions of programming, I avoid typing anything from scratch, but copy the existing program that looks most amenable to bending into shape.

For pictures I use PaintShopPro plus some utitilies:

* Isn't it silly that the "Help - About" menu item on software doesn't give you a handy snippet of text, including link to the creators' website, so you can easily acknowledge them, and point other possible customers their way. No, I suppose marketing doesn't work that way. Anyway, Sausage Software gave no obvious indication of a web address or anything, just a twee "Email a friend" button. So I clicked, filled in the boxes in the obvious way, and look what arrived in my Email...

Hello fred,
Brian Chandler wanted to let you know about Reptile, an excellent texture generation program that's fun to use. It's available for downloading from Sausage Software's Web Site.
Just point your Web Browser to http://www.sausage.com/reptile
What is Reptile?
It "grows" random textures which you can color in any way you choose. You can use these textures as a desktop decoration, a web page background, or anything else you can think of. And it's free!

Ah, and the relentlessly reoccurring typeface? It's called "Brookhouse" and came on a CD-ROM of fonts with no discernable author. It's a copy of a design from the Bauhaus (Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin, 1919-1933). I like it!