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My photo collection (some are higher-resolution versions of images elsewhere on this site). They are all JPEG format, compressed as little as possible. Click the thumbnail to download.

All photographs are my originals (© Brian Chandler). You may use them for any non-commercial purposes, provided you give appropriate acknowledgement.

Doubtless I will organise this a bit better one day. These are the odds and ends - other collections of pictures:

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Three pictures from Summer Holidays 1999

800x600 (144 KB)
See: Tazawako

800x600 (116 KB)
See: Tazawako

"Waterfall 2.5"
800x1200 (232 KB)
See: Atsumi

Four photographs of higanbana - see: plant-watcher's page

500x750 (57 KB)

800x600 (110 KB)

Evening light
820x1420 (139 KB)

750x500 (95 KB)

Sano - in front of the station - see: Sano - station area

"Sano - from the station"
750x750 (94 KB)

Wallpaper - Nature series (800 x 600)

Susuki grass
(61 KB)

(91 KB)


(54 KB)

Elaine Brook
(33 KB)

Adriana Kikuchi
(9 KB)