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Thomason Introducing a new class of Thomason...

A Thomason, as conceived by Akasegawa Genpei, is something which has become purposeless. I think he missed this category - "things that avoid things that aren't there any more" - though he might well have found a shorter name for it. Anyway, none of the photographs on this page has any profound meaning.



"Eruthrian letter" ?



In medieval castles they used molten lead, right? So perhaps this pours boiling water down the neck of a bowing insurance salesman?

No, I have no idea; nor does my blinkered Western empiricism give me a chance at guessing the point of building a wall 10 centimetres in front of a building. (The wall in "Passers-by" above is in a similar position, but at least it's made of attractive materials.)


Not exactly pipework, but an ingeniously different way of guiding rainwater to its destination.


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