Old Sano Photographs


Sano - Koufuku-ji

Buddha (1 sec. f/16)

Bronze lantern (1/3 sec. f/16)

Miki Hardware (Snapshot f/2)

Rather more recent! (1/500 sec. f/2)

(Large image: about 1 second at f/16)

There's a deliberate ambiguity in the title, ahem. I took all of these photographs with the amazing Chandlor 95mm lens (amazing mostly for its zero cost!). I happened to have a roll of slow black-and-white film (Fuji Neopan, 32 ISO) which I had started for another project, and this seemed rather appropriate for the first lens tests. Although the negatives have low contrast, and lots of flare, there is surprisingly good detail in them, and I think this produces a rather nice old-world luminosity. Development work on version 2 of the lens continues, so I hope to update these with even better "old" photos soon.


Created December 2000 - WDG validated