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New! Music: Cosí fan tutte in Italian (July 2001)
Philosophy: Qualia! - a longstanding problem solved (July 2001)
Books: Buying from Amazon.co.jp (June 2001)
Photography: Focus - interpolating the lens scale (June 2001)
Photography: How many stops? - exposure comparison calculator (June 2001)
Maps and things - the Peters projection (May 2001)
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The Imaginatorium is Brian Chandler's personal collection of bits and pieces: it's always a "work in progress", so apologies for anything that seems to be missing or doesn't work.

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Newish! Sano Gallery: Snow! (January 2001)
Music: Carmen in Oyama (May 2000!!)
Plant-Watcher: Ginkgo, "living fossil" (January 2001)
Sano Gallery: Olde Photos (December 2000)
Make your own lens - the Chandlor 95mm f/2 (December 2000)
"Stuff" page revamped- now a Site map! (December 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Megi, Berberis thunbergii (November 2000)
Webotorium opens with photo tiles (November 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Biwa, the loquat (November 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Tochi-no-ki, horse chestnut (November 2000)
Photos: List of Photoforum submissions (October 2000)
Sano Gallery: What is a glum lion to do? (October 2000)
What is a "close-up filter"? (October 2000)
Diary jottings - Philip Greenspun talks in Tokyo (October 2000)
The Great Muffin Mystery (October 2000)
Impressions of England and Wales, 2000 (September 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Higanbana (New photos - September 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Goldenrod vs. Susuki (September 2000)


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