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The Imaginatorium is Brian Chandler's personal collection of bits and pieces: it is always a "work in progress", though often not much work is done, and even less progress made. Actually currently only the jigsaw puzzle shop is getting any attention -- Yes, we are operating, and we send puzzles (almost) anywhere in the world!

As well as running the puzzle shop, I'm sometimes active editing at Wikipedia: see my user page.

I seem to have no time at all for photography these days, but I have been doing more music, piano and singing with Chor Ecco, our local mixed voice choir. So most things on this page are historical, but well, they're still here.

Meanwhile, I found some old things in the attic: Look, you can see the old front page (only dead links removed). This might explain the really old front page at Yomogi.

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Where is Sano? - Weather - Snapshot gallery - Huh? - Planning, absence of
Don't miss: Walls ("...the very best site about walls that I've ever visited." - Dan Dumas)

Plant-Watcher's Page

How a paddy-field works - Ginkgo - Tochi (our "prefectural tree") - Higanbana - and many other trees and flowers on the edge of the Kanto Plain...


More photographs, calculators and other stuff about photography
Don't miss: Tiling photos

Brian's Bookshelf

Science and Maths - Nature - Photography & Light - Music - Words - This & That
Don't miss: Top Ten science books everyone should read - Music by numbers - Maps and projections - Plus: Ordering from amazon.co.jp


Brian Chandler translations (extremely fragmentary!)

Family page

Squibs - Don't miss: The Great Muffin Mystery - Qualia! (problem solved)

Italian in Japanese - reference material to help Japanese speakers get around the words of Italian opera. You need Japanese language support to read the pages, but might find it interesting how one can gloss Italian into Japanese by writing "backwards."

Brian's back door - the even more disorganised "unofficial" bits

And finally, my digital image gallery ... The Artofar-

Guest Pages: Ado Atelier

Adriana Kikuchi hails from Brazil and teaches art to kids in Sano.


Mildred & Lucy
Mildred sitting on Lucy

News corner!

Sorry: no news at present. Lucy's happy event was a decade of summers ago now, and last year (2014) the maple tree succumbed to some insect, and is no more.

August 16th (2002?) - Lucy leaves home! A couple of weeks ago, we realised that Mildred, who is a pigeon, had built her nest right at eye level in the little maple tree in front of our house. With amazing speed, she laid an egg, Lucy hatched from it, and in about ten days turned from a tiny ball of fluff into a crop-eating device, and left us. In the photo she was about three days old.

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Earthquake (March 2011) -- my comments after the disaster. This has remained as the "Latest" item on this page for rather more than ten years
Music: Oyama Monogatari - original opera rehearsal photos (May 2004)
Music: Iwafune - the musical! (December 2003)
The old guestbook entries (August 2002)
History: Japanese jigsaw puzzle manufacturers (August 2002)
Plant-Watcher: How a paddy-field works (July 2002)
Guest pages: Ado Atelier Collected works of Adriana Kikuchi's students (July 2002)
Imaginatorium Shop opens: 1000-piece scenic puzzles (15 April 2002)
Sano Gallery: Pipes - photos (April 2002)
Sano Gallery: Not walls! - and the Venetorium (March 2002)
Sano Gallery: Walls - completed at last (March 2002)
Top Ten science books everyone should read (March 2002)
Squib: Emperor of China's Nose - method of high precision measurement (January 2002)
Music by numbers - how scales are made: books and stuff, including semitone calculator (completed December 2001)
Painting the sun red - talking about culture (November 2001)
Plant-Watcher: Hanadaikon, Orychophragmus violaceus (November 2001)
Huh? - photographs for fun and puzzlement (October 2001)
No descenders, thanks - we're Japanese! (October 2001)
Photography: Lens angle calculator (October 2001)
Books: Photography and Light (October 2001)
Photography: Adjusting exposure - calculator for teleconverters and extension tubes (Interim: June 2001)
Comments on September 11, 2001
Photography - new index page (September 2001)
Music: Cosí fan tutte in Italian (July 2001)
Philosophy: Qualia! - a longstanding problem solved (July 2001)
Books: Buying from Amazon.co.jp (June 2001)
Photography: Focus - interpolating the lens scale (June 2001)
Photography: How many stops? - exposure comparison calculator (June 2001)
Maps and things - the Peters projection (May 2001)
Sano Gallery: Snow! (January 2001)
Music: Carmen in Oyama (May 2000!!)
Plant-Watcher: Ginkgo, "living fossil" (January 2001)
Sano Gallery: Olde Photos (December 2000)
Make your own lens - the Chandlor 95mm f/2 (December 2000)
"Stuff" page revamped- now a Site map! (December 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Megi, Berberis thunbergii (November 2000)
Webotorium opens with photo tiles (November 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Biwa, the loquat (November 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Tochi-no-ki, horse chestnut (November 2000)
Photos: List of Photoforum submissions (October 2000)
Sano Gallery: What is a glum lion to do? (October 2000)
What is a "close-up filter"? (October 2000)
Diary jottings - Philip Greenspun talks in Tokyo (October 2000)
The Great Muffin Mystery (October 2000)
Impressions of England and Wales, 2000 (September 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Higanbana (New photos - September 2000)
Plant-Watcher: Goldenrod vs. Susuki (September 2000)



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